Classmate Conversation-Rachel Garcia


IMG_3528This week I got to interview Rachel Garcia and one of her friends. Rachel is a third year just like me. She is the first person I interviewed that is the same year as I am. It was kind of exciting because everyone else was younger than me. She is studying to get her major in Hospitality Management. She wants to be able to run and manage an amusement park. Which is pretty awesome because it’s no easy job. Good luck with that Rachael.

We also talked about our favorite food and hers was Mexican food. Her favorite Mexican dish is enchiladas or tacos. She can eat those everyday and she won’t get tired of eating it. I personally like Mexican but since I kind of grew up with it I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite because I almost have it everyday but tacos are good.

The art the had inspired the most and influenced Rachel is make-up. This is because it takes a great amount of skill to be able to change your face completely. Make up has the power of making a women feel and look more beautiful. It is the most impactful for Rachel because she spends a great amount of money on it. She spends most of her money at Sephora and has a VIP membership. I personally don’t use a lot of makeup but I love buying at Sephora.

It was great meeting you be your friend. Check her out on her website:

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