Week 13 Artist Conversation-Tyler Turett

This week the artist I got to meet was Tyler Turett. He displayed his work in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East and West. One of the artists, Tyler Turett, displayed his animation work.

 Tyler is in his last semester at CSULB, and is majoring in Animation. He is currently interning at Shadow Machine Studios. Also he is working on a show called Trip Tank that airs on Comedy Central. After graduating, Tyler plans on staying with Shadow Machine Studios for the time being. Tyler has always been into drawing, and drew cartoons as a kid. He took his first animation class at CSULB, and started out with basic work. He learned how to draw better by taking classes here.

The materials used to make his animations was his iMac, a tablet, and pen. He always carried a sketchbook, now he mostly uses a program called Cintique. It is a program which contains all his files of his work and animation characters. Other programs he used were Photo Shop, After Effects, and Rigging. The process in creating his characters started with a rough drawing. After he used Photo Shop to create the character, and used After Effects to animate the character, but the two main techniques he used were traditional and puppet. Traditional technique, you can get more variety, and he thinks it looks better on television but it can take longer. The second is puppet technique, it is a are more limited process, but you can get it done in half the time because the characters are already drawn out.

untitled.pngHe is a fan of Tim Burton movies and animated films made by Disney and Pixar. Tyler Turett was inspiration for his animation from the cartoons he watched as a child. Tyler likes to watch Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. I enjoyed Tyler work because it is entertaining and enjoyable to see. When every person was a child they like to see animation and to be able to laugh. He wants to be able to entertain people all over the world and that is the most important part of entertainment. He made me remember when I was younger and watch cartoons all the time and enjoy the comedy in the cartoons. To be able to see how artist create cartoons was awesome. If you want to know more on Tyler check out his website at http://tylerturett.wix.com/tylerturettanimation



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