Classmate Conversation- Gillian English

IMG_20151119_1104311.jpgThis week I got the chance to meet Gillian English. She is a second year at California State University of Long Beach. She is majoring in business with a minor in fashion design. She is from the city of Huntington Beach. Gillian commutes from her house and she says it takes her around twenty minutes or so to  get on campus. She currently doesn’t work but she spends her time in a club that does volunteer work. They do beach clean ups and help people that don’t have homes. With her major she is thinking of starting her own business of selling socks. She wanted to do this since she was in high school. She wants to sell socks because they are fashionable.

Gillian hobbies are watching television and Netflix. A few shows that she likes to watch are Supernatural, Park and Recreation, and American Horror Story. For thanksgiving she is planning it with family and her relatives are coming over. Gillian mentioned that she likes to eat and her favorite thanksgiving dish is mash potatoes and the desserts.

Gillian has traveled to Seattle for a wedding over the summer. She has gone to New York and Washington D.C. But she is looking forward to the chance to travel out of the United States. This weeks question was Compare your definition of “Art” 13 weeks ago, and your definition of “Art” today. Her answer is still the same as it was 13 weeks ago. “She thinks its a way to express yourself, or how you express yourself.  A lot of people think art is just exclusively paintings, drawings, sculptures, and ceramics.  However, I think the definition to art can expand to things like dance, tattoos, poetry, and even professional baking and decorating cakes.” -English G. If you want to know more about Gillian English check out her website at:



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