Wk 12 : Artist Conversation: Christo Linquata

This week I had the chance to meet Christo Linquata and his amazing artwork. I got a chance to meet in acrylic painter. His paintings are based on the things he cherish the most. His team teams are very realistic and very meaningful. When I walked into the gallery my breathless taken away. Another inspiration for this artist is his family and religious belief.

His paintings reminded me of everything I do with my family and it’s very connecting. You are able to relate with his paintings a lot. If you’re very bright very cheerful and realistic. For his artwork he used acrylic paint and large canvases. He had a lot of detail focus mostly on shading and colors in order for the audience to know what he wants to express. With the specific colors he chose it is very important in order to convey his message to the audience the audience.


The artist mentioned that his paintings are representation of his life. But also lives of other people. Usually they are moments that we most cherished and want to express to others.The paintings are very appealing to The eye. What I felt looking at these paintings are peacefulness and happiness and an even balance of colors and Contrasts. If you want to see more on the artist artwork he can visit his Instagram or Facebook.



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