week 12: ePortfolio

LIZ - WIN_20151115_222308HI everyone,

I’m currently a third year at Cal State Long Beach and I’m pursuing the major of engineering. I am in civil engineering and hope to get a job with a company of structural engineering. I haven’t had everything planned out yet, I will go with the flow.

I am a very reserved person I don’t talk to many individuals, but when people get to know me they have a nice chat with me. I am not socially awkward but I am on the quite side. I didn’t have very many friends growing up I was always the stay home and do homework kind of person. Coming into college I had to grow out of my comfort zone and talk to more people and my professors.

LIZ - IMG_0924

This is my first time creating a website, and using one. I am not very sure if I will continue using it in the future. But I am leaning on creating a new one just for my designs and sketch work. I had the option of cleaning up my site but I felt that I was happy with what I chose the first time. I feel  that my site is pretty clean and easy to use.

Screenshot (35)

This was my first time being a blogger, it felt weird at first knowing that many people can view my site and see what I post on my website. But everything just takes some getting used to.


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