Week 11 Activity: Fiber Art

large This week we are supposed to do an craft with fiber or wall hanging decoration. Well I decided to do was tie dye. I first learned how to tie dye in high school. We had to come up with a cheap way of having similar shirts for the volleyball team so we decided to create our own shirts. One of my high school friends taught me. So we have to chose the piece of clothing that we want to color it is usually a piece of clothing that is white. Then you have to get a rubber band and tie the clothing. The rubber band is what creates the pattern on the clothing. After you get the dye and you pour it onto the clothing. You let the dye sit for about a few  minutes. You take off the rubber band while the clothing is still wet and you hang it so that it dries.

After doing this activity I had a time to distract myself and remember some nice memories from high school. The items you can find it any place where they sell some crafts.

I recommend anyone who likes to do arts and crafts to tie dye a piece of clothing. Just don’t wash your shirt with your other laundry because it will stain your clothes.


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