Artist Conversation-Kathy C Yoon

LIZ - WIN_20151105_111427This week I got the chance to meet Kathy C Yoon and her amazing art work. She is currently working on her ceramics major at Csulb, this is her third year on her major. She first came to Csulb to major in math but she quickly found out that she wasn’t cut out for it. When she was younger she did like playing with play-doh and now majoring in art.

LIZ - WIN_20151105_111203The title of her work is called “So Many Me’s”. The characters are different personalities of her and convey different emotions. The characters try the express how she has felt throughout the year. She wanted to express and mimic her emotions. Her message to the audience was to be able to relate that everyone goes through the same emotions. Yoon was working with animals and wanted to express her emotions through animal characters and realism, but she wasn’t able to express her emotions as well as she wanted.

LIZ - WIN_20151105_111215The art pieces were made out of clay. They are long stripes of clay molded into the shape and size she wants. The heart shaped balloon was made out of tissue. The mold was folded in order to express her different emotions. The artist said her favorite art pieces was the one with the balloon. When I first walked into the gallery I was amazed by the small characters around the room. They each were able to express emotions I have felt before. I was able to relate to most of the pieces in the gallery. My favorite was the character leaning against the wall by itself.

You can follow more artwork on her instagram at: LIZ - WIN_20151105_111248  LIZ - WIN_20151105_111236  LIZ - WIN_20151105_111255 LIZ - WIN_20151105_111306 LIZ - WIN_20151105_111322LIZ - WIN_20151105_111316


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