Clasmmate Conversation-Samantha McFeely

This week I got the chance to meet and have a conversation with Samantha McFeely. Samantha is a third year, she is the first classmate that I have interviewed that is the same year as me. She is majoring in Criminal Justice and I give her a lot of props. Sam says that there is a lot of writing included in her major and she doesn’t mind writing a twenty page paper. I wouldn’t be able to write a five page paper.

In her spare time she like to swim and go spend time at the beach. We had a great conversation about tanning and how she doesn’t get darker and she just has an of white color. I wish I was able to go back to my original color that it only takes a few minutes for me to tan. I found out that she works at the YMCA Aquatics in Bellflower. I found out that she lives in the city of Lakewood a street away from each other. That was so cool!

The question of the week was what kind of tattoo would she get? We both had the same opinion on tattoos. We would get a small tattoo in a place where its not clearly visible. She said she has a fear on how painful its going to be. She doesn’t know what she would get but it would be meaningful.

12204904_1213995765283575_109593457_nIt was great meeting Sam


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