Week 9: Classmate Conversation

This week I had the chance to meet Kahlia Cadle. I had the great privilege of meeting her and getting the chance to meet a new classmate. Since we both to class really early we decided to just interview each other. Kahlia is a second year in the accounting, I give kudos to her because that is a hard major. Keep up the hard work and stay strong Kahlia! I was amazed by her response on her hobbies she likes to produce music and sing. She plays multiple instruments, I am very envious. She mentioned she also enjoys reading and sleeping. Whenever she gets the chance to she sleeps.

IMG_1742I asked her if she lives on campus or if she commutes? She said that she dormed her first year but when she want to apply for her second year to dorm that there wasn’t any room left and she wasn’t able to find roommates to live near the school. In the end she ended up commuting from her home in Fontana. The commute is an hour and a half. I am amazed because she also works at a tutoring center near her home. She works with children from 3 years to 17 years of age, but she works more with the little kids. The question of the week was out of all the art galleries what was her favorite? Hers was art method of spilling tea on placements. If you want to check out more on Kahlia check out her website at:  https://kahliacadle.wordpress.com/


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