Week 9: Artist Conversation: Maccabee Shelley

This week our art class got the chance to meet Maccabee Shelley. He was a former student from our same Professor Glenn. Maccabee encouraged us to pursue what we are passionate about. To keep moving forward and to not lose our passion because that is stronger than talent. I was able to see his art work later that we at the Max L. Gatov- West Gallery.

IMG_1746Maccabee art work was made out of ceramic, bottles both melted and regular, glass, paint made of acrylic and or latex. The artwork captures your eye instantly when you walk in. The pieces are stuck together bottles are melted pieces of glass are together. Some areas of the artwork look like they were floating and moving up. They are very colorful it captures your eyes. The items used are things that you find around laying in your house.

Maccabee mentioned starting the artwork is the hard part but once you get the flow going it so much easier and you get more new ideas that he tries to incorporate into the pieces. He considers his experience with art as mistakes that have happened and you could use those mistakes as reference for the future. IMG_1747

Watching his art gallery I felt inspired because you don’t have to have the perfect items to make art. You don’t need the most expensive items for it to look unique. You need imagination, inspiration, and mostly passion. Also another thing is that mistakes make us who we are in the present. We have to learn from our past mistakes to move forward and grow. Also to prevent from the same mistake to repeat itself.


You can check out more of Maccabee’s artwork at his website: http://www.maccabeeshelley.com/



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