Week 8: Classmate Conversation: Emily Snyder


This week I got the chance to meet Emily Snyder. She is currently a freshman from Nebraska. She is living in the dorms of Parkside and since her dorm doesn’t have air conditioning she has been over coming the heat of Long Beach. Emily is studying International Business Fashion Merchandiser. She wants to do international buying in the fashion industry.

Emily is the middle child in her family she has a younger brother and an older sister. Her hobbies are playing the guitar and the piano, she also likes to travel. She mentioned she has been to seven Taylor Swift concerts spread out in the country. We found something in common we both like to see movies, her favorite movie is Love Actually. For those who want to see the movie.

Love-Actually-Gallery-2In high school Emily did golf, but she isn’t continuing in college. She says because it is on a totally different level in college. Since she is dorming I asked her if she missed her family she says she misses them but not home. I had told her it is because she likes to travel. It was great meeting you Emily.



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