Week 8: Artist Conversation: Rhiannon Aarons


This is a three-headed creature called Hecate. It is the Greek Goddess of Witchcraft.

This week I got to interview the artist Rhiannon Aarons. In the gallery of Maxine L. Gatov Gallery West. I was able to view her incredible artwork. Her show is called, Ex Libra her pieces were based on mythology and misogyny.

Rhiannon mentioned that she has been pursuing art any chance she gets. Rhiannon has participated in more than 20 shows in southern California. She is currently a second year MFA student at California State of Long Beach. Once she is graduated she hopes to make more money.


This a special coffin for the three-headed creature Hecate.


Her inspiration for this show was the interest in feminist writings, Natural History Museum, and the anatomy of a women. Aarons used digital method and dry points. She engraved her work is a very sharp-pointed metal and used Plexiglas. For reference dry point is the process of  using a pen without the ink and drawing with a dry point of the pen.

The last two images are of serpents from the Garden of Eden. These serpents are represented as females. I enjoyed Aarons show because it has a very unique view on women and serpents. You can see how much hard work she put into her pieces. When I saw the pieces I was able to feel how strongly she feels about what she want to show the audience. She tried to express a new point of view of serpents and women.


You can check out more on this artist at her website: https://www.facebook.com/TempestArts.




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