Week 8: Activity – Art Writing

Screenshot (35)

This week our activity is to edit a classmate artist conversation. The classmate I chose was Emily Quinonez, I will be review her week 7 artist conversation on Jane Weibel. The first mistake I noticed was she had a run on sentence. It was a minor mistake but throughout the blog she had good grammar and a well structure. Emily has many photos describing what she was writing about, this is very helpful to the audience because they get to visually see what she is talking about. She had a link if the reader wants to read more on the artist she is talking about.  But I felt that her blog was a but short and did not have enough information on the artwork and the artist. But overall Emily did a great job and very entertaining.

I also reread on of my old artist conversations and I found that had a few grammatical errors. Something else I was able to notice was that I founded redundant, and I can elaborate more on each point I had to talk about the artist. I had just two photos on my blog which is enough but I could add a but more. To entertain and not bore my reader.


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