Week 7: Artist Conversation

IMG_1699This week I was able to interview Norax Ayala and view her beautiful artwork. She is currently working on her masters at California State University of Long Beach. She mentioned that she was interested in drawing since she was a little girl. And coming out of high school she wanted to do art. Her artwork focused on the motion of rubbing lipstick on transparent layers. The artist had the concept that lipstick go on your lips but can also go onto other body parts as well, it make you think. She used lipstick that wasn’t so expensive because she didn’t want to waste too much money and use her expensive lipstick. She used the colors of pastel pink and bright pink.

IMG_1702Her artwork was inspired by her partner and has to deal gender politics and her the views on feminism. Her artwork was connected to her personal life and it shows what she is passionate about.

The general artist that inspire her are Francisco de Goya and Andy Warhoff.

IMG_1703 Norax said that she toke about eighteen hours a day for two weeks to be able to finish all her artworks displayed.

This work inspired me and made me rethink how my relationship is with not only with people in general but also with my partner. And how I should I communicate with others and those who I care about. Thank you for such and inspirational pieces of art.

You can follow Norax Ayala on her Instagram: @norax_darkoIMG_1704


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