Week 7: Activity- Snapchat

This weeks activity we had to Snapchat two pictures of ourselves and draw on our picture.  I personally have used Snapchat before and I like Snapchat because it has the feature the post being deleted and not saved. You can send a picture to your friend and you can make that picture last up to 10 seconds. Or you can post a picture in your story and that picture will be deleted automatically after 24 hours. This similar feature is with periscope but the major difference is that you are able to communicate directly with people all over the world. Here are my posts that I did throughout the week:

IMG_1711 IMG_1713

I posted when I was in my apartment and I was not able to handle the heat and it was 10pm. I am just waiting for winter to come back. And the other picture I posted was me being bored at home and I was messing around with my bathroom mirror. I actually do look like I have a twin. I was able to see some of my classmates pictures. I decided to post my classmate that interviewed you can follow her at her website: http://iiheartkp.org/



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