Week 7: Classmate Conversation- Kim Pham


This Thursday I got the chance to interview Kim Pham. She is currently a second year and is studying Health Science at California State University of Long Beach. Kim want to just work and in the health field.

Kim’s hobby on her free time is to go shopping. She mentioned that she has way to much make up for one person. She has a whole dresser filled with make up. Even though she has so much make up she says she barely wears any. This is because she is really tired in the morning and doesn’t have the energy to put any on. Kim says that she rarely spends any time at home because she goes out a lot. She only goes home just to either to shower or to sleep. She isn’t currently working right now but she says that her parents tell her not to worry about getting a job. I told her that she is very lucky that her parents to very good care of her. We also asked each other what was our favorite food and she said she loves Mexican food especially tamales.

The question of the week was what crazy color would you dye your hair. Kim said that she is between the ombre of dark blue to light blue, light pink, or lavender grey. We had something in common and that was the TV shows we watch we both like to watch Greys Anatomy, Once Upon a Time, and Vampire Diaries. She did recommend me to watch the TV show called Scandal.

You guys can visit her at: http://iiheartkp.org/


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