Week 6: classmate conversation-Luis Rangel

Hello Everyone:

This week I had the chance to meet Luis Rangel.  He is currently a Freshman who is undeclared yet but is thinking about majoring in Business. But he is still deciding what he wants to do. He graduated from Warren High School. He is from the city of Downey. At his school he was on the swim team. But Luis doesn’t continue to swim as a hobby. Luis is commuting to school and is living with parents. Luis’s hobbies are to hike, eat a lot of Korean barbecue, and watch anime. This summer he worked at Thompson park in Bellflower as a life guard. Luis said that he was able to visit Rosarito the famous beach.

We each asked each other does art matter? Luis mentioned that art is a way to express yourself and to express who you are. I asked what he was swimming in? Luis answered with the answer Life. The question of the week is the motion of colors. It is what came to our minds when we heard a certain color. I asked Luis the primary colors blue,red, and yellow. He related blue with ocean, cool, wet, and wavy. Red was fire and warmth. Then yellow was himself because that is his favorite color because it is a unique color. Luis said that his freshman year was pretty chill in the beginning but then once midterms came around he was stressing out about studying and reading. He said in the middle of everything he wanted to become a stripper instead. That made me laugh so hard, I found it funny. It was great meeting you Luis keep up the hard work.

You can check out his website at: https://luishrangel.wordpress.com/IMG_1674


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