Week 6 : Artist Conversation- Dawn Derry and Anahid Malek-Stephanians

IMG_1663 IMG_1664 IMG_1665 This week we had to interview an artist. This week I had the chance to interview Dawn Derry and Anahid Malek-Stephanians. The artists work was on a canvas with oil painting. The two artists have some similarities they don’t have any lines just shapes that blend well with the background color. Each canvas has their own unique color. But because they don’t have straight lines they do the awesome job of creating depth. The method they used to create these incredible artwork was add and subtract. They have to do the method while the paint is still fresh and still wet.

The artist goal was to create the different season and create a feeling of nature. Both artist said that it was hard to find the concept, but once you have the concept of what you want to do it get easier from there. Their inspiration was based on memories. They really wanted to viewer to feel the seasons and the idea of where they were. The artist Dawn mentioned that she likes to paint on the floor. Because once the painting is hanging on the wall it become more precious.

IMG_1669 IMG_1670

These artworks each have their own seasons and their own memories behind them. But each of these artworks reminded me of my own memories. Most of them were sad but the brighter ones brought back some happy memories. The colors they used on the canvas play a big role on how they display each season. Just like the question of this week the motion of colors was what happened when I saw these artworks. I think these ladies are very talented and they should keep it up. They don’t have websites yet stay in tuned.

IMG_1666 IMG_1667 IMG_1668


Dawn and Anahid


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