Week 5 : Classmate conversation- Emily Quinonez

Hello Everyone ,

This week I was able to meet a great person named Emily Quinonez. She is a senior at CSULB and her major is in Communication of Public Relations. She is from the city of Westwood in Los Angeles. She currently works at Starbucks and she is  the supervisor. She loves that she is able to get free coffee. Emily mentioned when she was younger she got a chance to live in Washington, D.C for period of time. She would come back and forth from Los Angeles to Washington. She mentioned that Washington was a lot colder then Los Angeles. She also got the chance to go to Salvador last year for New Years.

Emily says that art does matter because it is the form to express yourself in many ways doesn’t matter if you are great at it. For example such as dancing or singing. Art has the ability to heal and that is extremely important. It is a way of finding happiness. Emily mentioned she is swimming in school and work, and mixed emotions about graduation and being able to find a job afterwards. Good luck don’t give up Emily.

We got caught up with talking that we both forgot to take a picture together but you can check out her page she is awesome.



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