Week 4: Artist Conversation-Roddy Hernandez/ Krista Tsukashima

This week artist I got to the chance to interview were Roddy Hernandez and Krista Tsukashima.  They displayed their work in the Max L. Gatov East Gallery. They both work on an art piece that had a lot of meaning behind it. The art work was displayed on a very large canvas. The art works was an oil canvas painting. Half of the canvas was the artwork of Krista’s and the other half was Roddy’s. The texture was smooth and very strong lines. The painting had a strong presence about it. The painting looks very smooth and each half tells a story.

Half of the canvas are two people who are looking at you and one of them is pointing at you. That side of the canvas has a strong feeling. This side Krista worked on and she mentions that she was inspired when she went to work with the disabled at a camp. The background is the camp she was located at and the two people were the disabled she worked with. The other half of the canvas are to men who looks like are playing pool. One man looks like he is ready to make the black ball into the hole and means he is ready to embrace the final moment top accept the memory. The other man is behind the one that is going to make the ball he looks like he is guiding him or looking over him. Roddy mentions that the two men are him and his brother. His inspiration is the passing of his brother.

This artwork really does complement each other. Telling two stories that really send a message of A moment in time. The story that really got to me was Roddy because he was inspired by the passing of his brother not to long ago. Roddy was still able to move forward to improve  himself even though he is going to through such a hard time that is inspiration. I have gone through hard times but haven’t taking it in the way that Roddy did and that is inspiration itself. Thank You.


The artist themselves

You can check them out at : https://instagram.com/kyoshibt/ , Roddy doesn’t have any social media.


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