Activity: Ethnography

This weeks activity was to not use any sort of electricity for one day. Honestly when I first hear this activity I thought there is no way that one in the 21st century can go a day without electricity. But I still tried it anyway, I was sort of successful I did go all night without electricity, I did go to the store to buy the old form of light which was a candle. I did spend it in my living room ready my old books that I have on my self. I did notice that I did fall asleep a lot faster than usual. I do live with roommates and they thought I was crazy since I was in the dark reading but I thought maybe the old way was better without all the energy and electricity. People may sleep a lot better and be more well rested.

I did noticed that during the day you get a lot more things done because you know when it gets dark it is bed time. My living room during the day is very bright since I have screen doors.


I did roll up my small desk lamp that I have and set it next to my books. Almost finished all of my books that night.


I did search up how much electricity that we use and I was shocked. Over time we have come to depend a lot on this form of light. But from now on I will try to use less electricity and have a feeling of the old ways.



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