Week 4: Painting



Hello Everyone:

This week our task was to spray paint our name in bubble letters. I do admit that my artwork is pretty bad but its the experience that counts. We were to spray paint our name in two different colors mine were green and red. I had the chance to spray paint at Venice Beach but I wasn’t able to make it due to some issues. In the end I still had the experience to spray paint in my house. I painted my name on a small canvas. I used my nickname Liz because ever since I was little everyone called me by my surname. My parents thought saying my name was to long so they used Liz instead.

This was the first time in my whole life that had the chance to spray paint. I was to scared to spray paint in a public wall, because I didn’t know where it was allowed, so to be safe I decided on a canvas. I used the picture of my first attempt to spay painted. But I had other chances after I finished with my project. But the hard part of spray painting is getting used to how much paint comes out and the movement of your hand. In spray painting it shows how steady your hand can be when your writing something on the wall.




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