Week 4: Classmate Conversation


This week I had the chance to meet Rosanna Ramirez. Rosanna is a second year at CSULB. She is currently undeclared but leaning toward majoring in film. Even though she wants to pursue in music production. She says it is the closest to what she wants to do. I had to chance for the first time to meet a fraternal twin. She has a sister who comes to CSULB as well. Rosanna says she is the twin that always spends time with her sister. At first sight you might mixed them up but once you get a chance to meet them you will know the difference between them. Rosanna hobbies are to go out and to play the guitar for fun. She says she is to shy to play in front of anybody and she thinks she is okay at playing the guitar. Rosanna likes to travel and she has gone to Seattle, Oregon. She went to Seattle to visit part of her family. She mentions that if you go to Oregon it is very cold there.

Rosanna believes that art is a way to express feelings  and idea. It is a method to transmit what a person feels. It can be music, painting, etc. art can be anything.

If you want to see Rosannas artwork then visit her website: https://rosannaramirez.wordpress.com/


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