Week 4: Artist Conversation

This week I had the chance to speak to an artist named Jaime Strassenburg.  Jaime is planning on graduating from California State University of Long Beach in the Spring of 2016. She graduated from Cypress High School in 2013. She displayed her incredible art work in the Dr.Maxine Merlino Gallery. Her painting were called Inurt Mythos. Jaime was inspired by her Native American history class. These painting were based on the story of the native American gods and the back story. Jaime mentioned she used the program called Maya and Illustrator to create these incredible painting. At first they were bodies floating in the center of the piece of paper but once she was editing and photo shopping her drawing in the program the idea of gods was illustrating better. The paintings are 90% photo shopped and each one take around to 30-40 hours of editing. The computer program has a feature that senses how much pressure you put on the screen. You can pick and choose what type of brush to use in the program or features that an artist uses to paint in real life.

The art displayed in the gallery each had their own unique story behind it. Each more special than the other in their unique way. When you see the painting you get the feeling of mystery and power. Each having a great story to tell. When you see the drawings you want to know the meaning behind the each one. Each painting having bright colors and the background being dark so that the brighter colors to stand out. The images are smooth and have a lot of depth to them. The art work displaying the fantasy world created by the native American stories.

The art work to me means fantasy and powers that people can’t imagine. They are very artistic and creative. You can see the story being told in the drawing. I was able to capture the feeling of strength and darkness. I was able to see a lot of detailed work on the muscles of the body and the texture of each curve. You can see these people in the drawing as super hero’s and gods to look up to. Someone you would like to be in the fantasy world.


These four images in order are a story about the moon and sun being brother and sister. The sun being the woman and the moon being the man. That one night when the sun was sleeping she was raped by the moon several time and then she rubbed soot on the moon and she lit a candle and runs away and she is being chased by the moon. Because she runs away her candle being lighter than moon. That is why the moon is always chasing the sun.



Jaime Strassenburg

You can visit her website at: http://jaimedraws.com/


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