Week 3: Artist Conversation

This week I had the chance to interview the artist Kayla R. Workman. Kayla displayed her art work in the gallery Marilyn Werby Gallery. She is a young artist who is inspired by teaching high school students. Kayla Workman was a participant in a project where she would go to Acacia Adult Day Services and meet seniors who had Alzheimer’s. The seniors where the participants in the art work that was displayed in the gallery. She was in a group of other artists who were in charge of different sections inside the art gallery. Workman’s art project title was “Memory” Cyanotype Prints. The definition of cyanotype is a photographic printing process of a photo of dark blue with tint of green. The seniors where asks to bring a photo or image that reminded them of their significant moment of their past. The participants were taught the process of cyanotype. Each photo was glued with black paper that was a slightly size larger than the photo this created the idea of a frame.

The work displayed in the gallery each had their unique message to convey some images where hand drawn with the a blue water-color background. Others the outline of the image was white with night blue sky background. These images gave the audience a sense of ancient, old, and timeless. Many individuals relate the color blue with sadness or mystery. I could see why the artist chose this kind of art for the project because some memories can be sad but also significant part of people’s lives. The idea of a frame is because people hand photos because it’s a memory they cherish and want to remember it every time they see the image.

The art work displayed in the gallery is what I would call perfection. All of the art was significant and beautiful, because you can see that each stroke each painting was unique. This is because all the participants had fun experiencing art. Kayla mentioned that she had a great sense of joy doing this project because she could see that the individuals wanted to come and learn something new and learn about art and put it into practice. Since the seniors were enjoying themselves you can see it in the art. It was a gallery where you see personality and a sense of joy and or history. I found this a very great way to give back to the community and distract the seniors.

If you want to see more of Kayla Workman’s art just visit her site:



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