Week 3: Social Photography

This weeks activity of taking pictures and posting them on Instagram was fun. Only with the exception of having to post four pictures in one day wasn’t the fun part. I toke four pictures of what I did throughout the day. The first picture is was a certain part of campus that I pass everyday and amazed at its height, I am not sure what this landmark on campus is called  but I love it.

The second picture is me eating lunch after a long day at school of a craving I had of Chipotle.

The third picture is going out with some friends to ice skate. We decided ice skating to cool of from the summer heat. Its always good to do a physical activity so I supported the idea of ice skating.

My fourth and final picture is a selfie of my classmate Julia Hodgdon and I.

I enjoyed this activity because you get to see the way social media has changed our way of life. I noticed that many of my classmate toke picture of food, pets, activities, locations, selfies, and or random things. I felt that I could share or relate to my peers and there posts.


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