Week 3: Conversations w/ classmate

         This week we had to interview a classmate and I had the privilege of meeting Julia Hodgdon. We were able to relate because we both dormed our first year of college but the difference was that she is currently still living on campus. She told me that she is scared of moving out because she is not very skilled at cooking and will starve. Thanks to the dinning halls she doesn’t have to worry about cooking. She likes to eat healthy.

Julia is from the city of Pasadena, Los Angeles. Julia is currently on the effort of declaring her major of Pre-Social Work. Julia is very passionate about helping others and doing her best to make a difference in peoples lives. Keep it up Julia!!

We were able to relate because we are full time students who have part time jobs. Julia works at the small convenience store next to the bookstore. She mentioned during the summer she worked at Victoria Secret annual sell. She was at first excited to work there but it didn’t turn out how she’d expected it to be. It was great meeting you Julia and thank you for being so nice and humble. It was a great interview. Thank You.



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